To travel the whole world, you will only need $1 USD. With the economic recession, tourism is no longer a norm it’s a luxury. Everyone wants to enjoy the scenery of all the countries and that goal can be achieved. Traveling leisurely will adjust our physical and mental health; also enrich our perspectives and intellect. This trend of tourism has great opportunity, and can also change people’s mindsets.

The $1 USD trip. eZGT can make everyone travel the world easily, in addition bring great wealth and happiness.

eZGT is a Hong Kong registered company. It provides a unique travel opportunity to consumers’ worldwide. Its revolutionary model of innovation has changed the traditional travel industry, and it has also changed the law of travel agencies. It stimulates consumption and promotes the development of tourism, increasing the revenue of the tourism industry; it also compounds personal wealth exponentially, a winning situation for both the citizen and the government.

You can join eZGT as a "eZGT 3000" Subscriber/Member to receive rewards and travel the world or as a "eZGT 8000" Tour Agent.